The Challenor
Creative Arts & Training Centre


The Challenor Creative Arts and Training Centre (CCATC) is a school for young disabled children and an adult training facility where disabled young men and women learn a skill in order to prepare them for the world of work. The centre is a Technical and Vocational Educational and Training Council (TVET) Centre offering qualifications in a few of the skills.


We offer exciting and stimulating programs for our students and focus on what children can do, their abilities, rather than their disability.

The products we produce along with other items, can be found in our shop which is called “Hidden Treasures”. We encourage you to visit.

Not all learning is done in a classroom. Some of our students work in the gardens and produce herbs, vegetables and fruit.

The Challenor Creative Arts & Training Centre is committed to a more holistic approach to education, catering to the physical, spiritual, social, emotional, educational and creative needs of each child. The emphasis will always be on quality of life and preparation for independence.

The centre is located at Cane Field, St. Thomas, Barbados. It has two divisions, the children’s school and the adult trainee section. While the school section closes during the vacation period, the trainee section remains open for an extended period. The Barbados Children’s Trust have assisted by providing Challenor Creative Arts & Training Centre with specialised educational material and equipment and other resources. Read more >>

Fun days

The heat in Barbados became overbearing so the Challenor students took to the outdoors for some waterplay.
They had a ball.


Our Mission

“To provide an exceptional service to our clientele through a holistic approach to education and training”.

Our Vision

“We will be recognized as a progressive facility for persons with disabilities, providing a quality service that ensures our young people reach their full potential”.



Our core values

We believe in respect & dignity for all.
We believe in being positive.
We believe in promoting self-esteem & empowerment.
We believe in positive behaviour management.
We believe in empathy.
We believe in promoting advocacy.
We believe in developing creativity.
We believe in providing a safe and secure environment.

Open chat
Welcome to the Challenor Centre. Feel fee to send us a message.