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Challenor Centre Hidden Treasures is a certified registered entity since January 31, 2012.  The purpose of Hidden Treasures is to advertise and sell the products made by the skills training students in each department of the Adult Training Facility.

The programme is designed to help students to understand the wholesale and retail industry, budgets, manufacture, control and display of stock, operate a point of sale machine in a manner that promotes customer service and minimizes losses.

Prepare and package:

Fruit beverages: Guava, carambola, sorrel, mango, golden apple, soursop, coconut.

Jams: Carambola, sorrel.

Jellies: Guava.

Chutneys: Mango, beetroot.

Topics studied in Wholesale and Retail:

1. The industry (The supply chain, role players in the industry and jobs and progression within the industry)
2. Profit (The need for profit, how it is arrived at and improving the bottom line of an outlet)
3. Target markets (Different target markets and how these impact on service, range and the design of the outlet)
4. Customer service (The importance of customer service and service standards and selling to customers)
5. Stock (The importance of accurate stock counts, receiving and dispatching and ordering)
6. Merchandising (Counting and filling shelves and displaying, pricing and ticketing stock correctly)
7. Recording sales (the recording of sales, accepting payment, and cashing up of Point of Sale)

The Challenor Centre welcomes private persons as well as small businesses (shops, supermarkets etc) to purchase our products. We do not mass produce these items but are certain that we can fill orders on request. Do not hesitate to contact us at tel: 438 6862 and support us and our students.




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