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CIBC FirstCaribbean helps out Challenor Centre.


Four students without tablets in the ‘Multiple Exceptionalities Class’ at the Challenor Creative Arts and Training Centre, will now be able to do their online classes following the acquisition of four new devices.

The Samsung 8-inch tablets were recently presented along with colourful, impact resistant carrying cases with convertible handles for two-angle viewing which would make it easier for the students for both watching and typing.

Rechelle Greenidge, manager of Retail Banking Channels at CIBC FirstCaribbean, explained why the branch made the presentation. “One of our staff members has a child at the Challenor Centre and realised that her son was the only student in his class who had a tablet.

She then made a case to her colleagues to include the centre on the branch’s Adopt-a-Cause programme, so that the other children in the class could be outfitted and online classes can start.”

Deputy principal at the Centre, Juliette Cumberbatch, in accepting the gift of the tablets, said the Challenor Centre is not included in the Ministry of Education’s distribution of tablets and that there are some parents who are unable to purchase them for their children.

They were therefore very grateful to the staff at CIBC FirstCaribbean, Sheraton, for including the school in their Adopt-a-Cause programme.

She further explained that the centre will be downloading Google Classroom and a variety of apps to allow the children the most advantageous use of the technology and they will engage in PE via their new devices, she added.

In addition to the tablets, the branch members also presented the centre with over 200 masks for both adults and children for use when parents are unable to purchase or the students forget their masks at home.

Source: Barbados Today

CIBC FirstCaribbean donates equipment to Challenor Cereative Arts
& Training Centre.


The Adult Training Facility at the Challenor Creative Arts and Training Centre in St. Thomas is just one of the departments there that will benefit from a donation of multimedia and computer equipment.

CIBC FirstCaribbean Bank recently gifted the Centre with a variety of equipment that will assist the various classes to enhance the teaching facilities and to help the office run more efficiently.

In the Rehab department, children with cerebral palsy who are unable to speak, will now be able to use the new touch screen laptop in their lessons and during therapy to communicate with the teachers. The other two desktop computers will be shared between various classes where children with autism can use the technology via special programmes and games that utilise the TEACCH system (Treatment & Education of Autistic related Communication Handicapped Children)

Older students in the Adult Training Facility, who are working towards their CVQs and studying Woodwork and Food Prep, now have the use of an LCD projector and 72-inch screen with tripod. This will allow the class to watch You Tube or Pinterest demos by chefs or carpenters, as part of their programme.

Printing in the admin offices will now be a little easier with the acquisition of the HP Officejet wide format printer that facilitates scanning and wireless printing from various workstations.

Deputy Principal of the Centre Juliette Cumberbatch explained that they are trying to create more revenue generating projects and the woodwork shop has created a press that they have been able to use for book binding. They have already produced some items and coming up to Christmas, the Centre will be offering, to the public, various products for sale including journals and notebooks initially and then eventually diaries and planners. These sales will assist the Centre to raise some much-needed funds to carry out its various programmes.

At present, there is a comprehensive woodworking programme where the students have been producing sturdy chairs and tables for the classrooms at the Centre as well as mailboxes for sale to the public. These skills equip them to be employed with any furniture company.

The boys are also involved in an extensive agricultural programme where they use the vast grounds at the school to grow a variety of produce that is sold to the supermarkets. They are also taught how to utilise the greenhouse built there to better protect some of their produce from pests.

A number of the students have already achieved Level I in Food prep as the Centre is a TVET accredited institution that issues CVQ certification on successful completion of the required exams.

Source: Barbados Advocate


ICBL Leads Insurance Industry in Challenor School Restoration Project.


The staff, parents and students of The Challenor Creative Arts and Training Centre are happier today due to renovations conducted at the school as a result of the fundraising efforts championed by The Insurance Corporation of Barbados Ltd (ICBL) and ManuLife.

ICBL CEO Geoff Scott and President and CEO of ManuLife, Claudio Macchi made it their mission to garner support from other private sector companies to make the much needed repairs a reality. The Challenor School is now better equipped to ensure the safety of its staff and special needs children with the extensive restorations carried out on the property at a price tag of over $165,000. The project was expertly executed by The Zander Venezia Trust.

For almost fifty (50) years, the school has provided academic, rehabilitative, and vocational services to persons with special needs. Additionally, they provide care and education in essential life skills to children of all ages with varying levels of intellectual and physical ability, as well as adults with mild intellectual disabilities.

Commenting on ICBL’s adoption of this project, Scott said: “This was an easy decision for us. It is an excellent example of how local and offshore insurance industry players can come together to support a great cause. None of us could have done this alone”.

Several executive members and representatives of the various insurance related companies attended the rededication ceremony of the building on November 5th. Following the ceremony, a tour of the partially renovated facility revealed bright, new classrooms – the walls adorned with class projects, creative, sensory rooms – key for the less verbal and introverted students and numerous other upgrades.

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